Sterile Surgical
Whith Antibiotic
Radiopaque Sterile
Surgical Acrylic
Standart Viscosity
Radiopaque Sterile
Surgical Acrylic
Cerrahi Cilt İşaretleyici
Ameliyat öncesinde cerrahlar,dermotologlar,ortopedistler ve diğer hekimler tarafından, hastanın yapılacak operasyon öncesinde, cilt işaretleme ve konumlandırma yapmak amacıyla, 15cm lik steril ölçü cetveliyle birlikte hekimlerimizin en doğru, silinmeyen işaretlemeyi sağlayarak operasyon öncesi güvenli bir tıbbi ekipmandır.
Our values:

» Health & Environment is a concerning matter to serve the society by our products.

» Honesty, Agility, Transparency & Resiliency towards all stakeholders by promoting our services.


We also combined mutual scope in national and international partners at home and abroad to increase the business and to increase the quality of life. We aim to service our partners for their customers by offering quality, diversified and fast service with exclusive products manufactured in world-class plants under the name of the most reliable brand, “BAYCARE”.


» Do not compromise for the product’s quality and service and always support to our import-partners and provide a reliable source for business.

» For the benefit of human health along with protecting environment supporting by most innovative and reliable health or medical products with brand value to all corners of the world.

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